Our girls



Daisy is our 48 lb. Standard Parti Labradoodle. She is an F1b (F1 parent and poodle parent) Labradoodle. She loves people and attention and is very happy and go-lucky. She will go anywhere or try anything! We plan to breed Daisy with Ryder for Standard Multi-Generation Labradoodles and potentially Renny for Mini/Medium Multi-Generation Labradoodles. Daisy has recently been health tested for genetic disorders common to poodles and labs and came back negative for all 8, her results can be found on the Health Guarantee/Health Testing page.  


























Sophie is one of our very own f1b labradoodle puppies out of Renny and Sadie. She is 22 lbs. Sophie is the mom of our miniature labradoodle pups. She is full of life and personality. She loves to cuddle and be around people and other dogs. She is very athletic and loves to play. She is very social and smart. She carries parti and should throw some pretty puppies.

other females bred with our studs

Cavapoo puppies out of Renny and Chloe 


Our boys


Renny is our 12 lb. Miniature Poodle Stud. Renny is a proven stud, he has been bred with Cocker Spaniels, Shih-Tzu's, Goldendoodles, Cavalier King Charles Spaniels, Labradoodles, miniature Australian Shepherds and Schnauzer's. He has been known to throw parti colors, phantoms, sable, silver, black, white, and apricot/yellow, solids and parti. Renny is very smart! He may be small but he keeps up with the big dogs and is the boss of our house! He loves people and to have his belly rubbed. Renny came to live with us when he was 3 years old. He loves being outside in the fresh air, but is equally happy as a house dog. He likes to fetch and go for car rides. He has a lot of personality and is a lot of fun to be around!  His puppies are very smart! Renny is available for stud with Natural Breeding and Artificial Insemination. 

Ruger Hawkeye

Ruger is our 78 lb. AKC English Labrador Retriever Stud. Ruger has a very large blocky head and is very solid! He currently is living with a local elderly gentleman as a house dog. They are inseparable, the two of them walk 7 - 10 miles per day, as well as ride around in the ATV and chop wood together. Ruger loves to play fetch and is very lovable! He is a laid back well mannered dog. Ruger has hunting parents and grandparents. He also has champion show bloodlines. He loves to track and is always on the trail of something.

Red Ryder

Ryder is our multi-generation Labradoodle. He is a very tall boy and is currently 92 lbs. He is from a local hobby breeder whom I know well. His mother is an F1 and his father is an f2, so he is sort of an "F3". He is super sweet and smart! Ryder is very laid back and loves attention! He has a multi-textured non shedding coat. His puppies are big lapdogs and are laid back and easy to train. He is a great housedog and loves other dogs, cats and kids! Ryder is available for Stud. Ryder has been tested for 8 comon genetic disorders/diseases for poodles and labs and came back negative for all 8. His results can be found on the Health Guarantee/Health Testing page. 



other studs we use: 


Clayton an AKC Cream Standard Poodle, Clayton has OFA hip clearances and Genetic Testing Clearances. 


Okie Dokie an AKC red/white parti Miniature Poodle, Okie Dokie has OFA cleared hips and elbows and is CKC registered.


Apollo a pup of ours from Ryder and Sammy, he is a Yellow Multi-Generation Medium Labradoodle. 


our retired parents

Bianca Belle - retired as of October 2016, she was our standard poodle female and the mother of Sadie. 


Samantha Brielle - retired as of January 2017, she was our petite labradoodle. 


Layla Alexandria - retired as of December 2016, she was one of our AKC English Labradors. 


Sadie Mae Bellanna - retired as of July 2017, she was our standard f1 labradoodle and mother of Sophie. 


Bella Allira - retired as of December 2018, she was our AKC English/American Labrador.


For a list of available puppies please view our Available Puppies page, and also to view our upcoming litters.

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