Bianca's babies

This is Linus. He is one of Bianca's baby boys, born in November 2013. He has a great temperament and is in love with our children. He is snuggly and will often climb on our laps in the evening to be held. He currently weighs in at 81 lbs. His shaggy, chocolate coat is very soft and requires some brushing. He does shed a bit, but it's not too much. Our experience with Gwen and Oodles of Doodles Kennel was great. We were invited to meet the puppies to choose just the right one and when we picked Linus up, he had already started housebreaking. Great breeder of quality family pets! - J. Farkas

Sadie lives here with us at Oodles of Doodles and has had one litter and is due for her second in mid July or 2016. She is from Bianca's 2013 Litter and is a very sweet girl, she doesn't jump or bark obsessively and has never shown any aggression towards us or the other dogs. She is a great mother and has very smart and well mannered puppies! She has a very low shedding hair coat that is medium maintenance. She does not require clipping other than some around her face, just regular brushing. She loves going for walks and house trained very easily! She is roughly 60 pounds on average.

Dexter out of Bianca and Mocha's 2013 Litter is a very calm and loving boy! He has gone through multiple levels of obedience training always passing at the top of his class. The class teacher always commenting on how fast he catches on. He is also in training to be a service dog, to visit nursing homes/hospitals. He is trained to an underground fence at our home for when he is outside and has never given us any trouble with crossing the line.  Gwen has babysat Dexter and his two Corgi brothers multiple times always treating them as if they were her own. Dexter has been a great addition to our home! Everyone comments on his eyes everytime we leave the house, they are an extremely striking caramel color! Dexter does well with young children and having my own busines in my home has never caused any trouble with the various people coming and going. He is all legs and is built like a poodle weighing around 55 pounds. He has a low shedding patchy hair coat. - V. Reynolds 

Hunter out of Mocha and Bianca's 2013 F1 Litter.

Sammy and Renny's babies

Zippy out of Renny and Sammy's 2014 litter is the love of my life.  I picked him up at ten weeks old, Gwen was kind enough to keep him two weeks longer than usual.  She began potty training him and he knew his name when I was able to pick him up.  He was in excellent health and had been in their house often.  He is very intelligent and loves to be around people.  He is also very easy to train.  I would recommend any dogs coming from Oodles  of Doodles Kennels, they are excellent. - S. Peters

When we brought Lennon home in 2014, he was a cute, cuddly 7 lb. ball of fur--full of boundless joy

and curiosity.  He immediately became both a member of the family and best friend to our

young daughter.  Lennon learned his name right away and potty trained very quickly. 

Throughout his first year, we watched him grow to his full size of 26 lbs., and we saw Lennon

develop into the smartest dog we’ve ever had.  He learns tricks easily and loves to play with

children.  Lennon also loves to go for long walks, play fetch in the backyard, and get sprayed

with the garden hose.  He is very protective of the family and he expects to be included in

everything we do.  We feel so lucky that we found a breeder like Gwen.  She obviously loves her dogs, and

she was always upfront and honest with us.  Plus, she helped us adopt this amazing

dog.  He’s such a treasure!—The Hogan Family

Maddie out of Renny and Sammy's 2015 Litter. So far we have been able to maintain her coat with out having her clipped and at just under a year her hair seems to be at it's full grown length. She is very loving and playful, we love her to pieces! She rough-houses with our cat but they seem toget along pretty well. She is about 20 lbs right now!

Half sisters, Esme (left) and Polly (right). Polly is out of Renny and Sammy's 2013 litter and Esme is out of their 2014 litter. Polly and Esme are night and day different in personality. Polly is a little more shy and standofish while Esme is outgoing and loves everyone. Adding Esme to our family has brougth Polly out of her shell and the two get a long great! They are both in the 20 pound range.  

Our Lab Puppies

1/2 Brothers Kodiak (left) out of Ruger and Layla's 2015 Litter and Bear (right) out of Ruger and Ally's 2014 Litter. Bear was born an "old soul" he potty trained very easliy and took to his water fowl training very fast! He has successfully retreived ducks in cold wavy Lake Huron conditions! Kodiak has a little more energy and has a bit of a stubborn streak but is still very smart and loving. Both dogs are house dogs and lap dogs, they get along well with our cat and are doing well with our new chickens! They are both great dogs and we cannot wait to see what Bear and Layla's 2016 litter will look like! Bear is 78 lbs and Kodi is 69 lbs. - The Sorensens

Carli is out of Layla and Rugers 2015 Litter. She is such a lover and has been a joy to have! She crate trained easily for us and loves to go for rides! She is full of energy and personality. Her favorite game is fetch and she LOVES water! She gets along very well with our other dog. She loves her toys and her crate we are very excited to breed her with Renny for miniature labradoodles next year! - The Schneiders

Half sisters Frankie (left) and Lucy (right). Frankie is out of Toby and Ally's 2016 Litter, and Lucy is out of Ruger and Ally's 2015 Litter. These two are best friends! You can follow them on Instagram  @ princessdiaries_lucyandfrankie

Blue Diamond out of Ruger and Ally's 2015 Litter.

Toby (left) and his son Sullivan from Ally and Toby's 2016 Litter.

Maverick out of Toby and Ally's 2016 Litter.

Tallulah from Toby and Ally's 2016 Litter with her furever sister.

Sadie's Babies

Parker from Jag and Sadie's 2015 Litter. Parker loves going for walks and being outdoors!

Yogi Bear from Jag and Sadie's 2015 Litter.

Bentley from Jag and Sadie's 2015 Litter.

Hershey from Jag and Sadie's 2015 Litter.

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